Friday, March 27, 2015

Just trying to gage interest in a jungle bushcraft training course.

Sorry I have not provided any updates in a while.  Professional life has been busy, personal life has been busy, and just things in general have kept me really busy.

I have a few blog posts that I need to finish up and share.  One about being barefooted and all that it entails.  Another, about some Lems boots that when I do wear shoes.  And a few other random tid-bits and musings.

One of these busyness things, is working on my personal knowledge and skills, and how to also help other people do the same.  Would anyone be interested in a jungle bushcraft course?  There is a particular country in Central America that I have been to a few times for business, but never really got a chance to explore the interior of the country.  I thought it would be awesome to come back to the country as a tourist and conduct some jungle bushcraft training.

This is where you come in... I am trying to gage if there is any interest in having a small group of people come down and have a course in the jungle, in Central America.  I have no details yet, still working on some things, but was just seeing if this is feasible or not.

If you have even a remote interest or no interest at all, click on the form below and give me your thoughts by filling out the form below.  Trying to see what would be reasonable from a time, size and financial perspective.

OK, stay tuned.