Sunday, April 27, 2014

Morel season is in full swing


After 49 weeks of waiting.

Morels are here.

The soil temps finally got above 52 degrees, we finally got a little bit of rain and I got a chance to take a long walk on the property.

Last year when I was harvesting morels, I carried my bounty in a mesh laundry bag, in hopes that as I walked around I would drop spores all around spreading even more morels around.  I should know in the next few weeks whether or not it worked or not.  BTW, the knife above is a Mora Bushcraft Forest.  I am starting to really love Moras.

All in all, not a bad haul for today.  Over the next two weeks, we should be hauling in lots of morels.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rebuilding our EZGO golf cart engine

So this was a fun project.  Long story short, is that we blew out the piston rings in our 1986 EZGO golf cart and I basically rebuilt the engine.  Having never done this before, it was rather easy and a pretty fun experience.

Yep, this piston is pretty gnarly.

And something took a ding out of the piston head.  

So, long short just a bit longer, I basically pulled the engine, and since it was out decided to replace all the fuel lines, filters, clean up all electrical connections and throttle/choke cables.

Here is the patient without his guts or heart.

And at least someone is excited that it is back running.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chris Swanda

Stay tuned for updates to this blog.  I have a few projects going on and when I get a chance to share them with you, I plan on updating this blog, along with my Google+ page.  Also other social media sites. 

I mainly set this blog up, so that friends and family that do not use Google+, Facebook or Twitter, can at least have somewhere to get their updates.  I haven't used Facebook or Twitter in almost 3 years, so please if you want to check up on the Swanda Family, use Google+.