Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Don't advertise to burglars this Christmas season

Just a quick reminder so you can continue to enjoy this holiday season.

So you have just finished enjoying Christmas with your family and you come home to find out that you have been burglarized.   Did you happen to advertise to the world, what you have in your home?

When trash day comes around sometime between December 25 and January 1, be sure to break down your boxes, turn them inside out or dispose of them in a manner where any passerby cannot see what you have obtained this Christmas.  Just think; placing your new computer, iPad, TV or Remington 870 box by the street for trash pickup, you are effectively telling anyone, that these items are in your home.  It is even good practice to do this year round.

A lot of people tend to go out on December 31 to enjoy bringing in the New Year, and therefore are not home until sometime after midnight.  This is primetime for you to possibly get broken into, and the thieves already know what they are looking for.

Remember, criminals look for easy opportunity.  Do not make it any easier for them.

Have a safe holiday season.